Coleman Abigale 8238

Coleman Abigale 8238 Cow
Dam Bohi Abigail 6014 cow
Dam Bohi Abigail 6014
Sire OCC Paxton 730P bull
Sire OCC Paxton 730P
Full Brother Bull Coleman Charlo 0256
Full Brother Coleman Charlo 0256

Coleman Abigale 8238

Reg #: 19211358

Birth date: 06/29/2018
Tattoo: 8238
Sire OCC Paxton 730P
Dam Bohi Abigale 6014

  • Full sister to the Coleman, Jocko Valley, Sitz Angus and Schaffs Angus Valley sire, Charlo 0256 from the $50,000 valued Coleman and Double R Bar Ranch donor, Abigale 6014 sired by the female sire, Paxton 730P.
  • Her dam, Bohi Abigale 6014, is valued at $50,000 and was featured in the 2012 Coleman Sale selling half interest to Double R Bar Ranch and she stems from the same family that produced the Genex roster leader, Bismarck; the $150,000 Select Sires roster member, Mandan 5664; and the $95,000 Eliminator 9105.
  • Her dam, Abigale 6014 has 27 daughters maintaining a combined WR 54@100 and posts ultrasound ratios IMF 13@102 and REA 13@104. Maternal sisters to the proven and productive dam include: Abigale 0451; Abigale 8213; Abigale 6870; and Abigale 2006.
  • Full siblings include: the $18,000 heifer pregnancy selection of Southern Cattle Company in the 2017 Coleman Sale; Abigale 0277, the proven second-generation Coleman donor; and Charlo 0256, the $27,500 top-selling bull of the 2012 Coleman Bull Sale and feature of the Coleman, Sitz Angus, Schaffs Angus Valley and Accelerated Genetics roster.
  • Maternal siblings include: the $50,000 Whitestone Millionaire Y060, the top-selling bull of the 2010 Whitestone Farm Bull Sale; Abigale 1434, the $15,000 selection of Hudson Pines Farms in the 2016 Coleman Sale; Abigale 9111, the selection of Jocko Valley Cattle in the 2010 Coleman Sale; and Abigale 9143 selling in that same offering to Dubas Cattle Company.

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