Blackcap May Scheckel E27


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Dam SAV Blackcap May 8962 Angus Cow
Dam SAV Blackcap May 8962
Sire SAV Registry 2831 Mature Angus Bull
Sire SAV Registry 2831

SAV Sensation 5615 Angus Bull
Full Brother in Blood SAV Sensation 5615

Blackcap May Scheckel E27

Reg #: 18915111

Birth date: 02/28/2017
Tattoo: 27J
Sire SAV Registry 2831
Dam SAV Blackcap May 8962

  • Full sister in blood to the $950,000 SAV Sensation, and the $235,000 SAV Seedstock 4838. Her dam is the $150,000-valued SAV Blackcap May 8962, who is full sister to the 8 million dollar producer, SAV Blackcap May 4136.
  • This cow is full sister, in blood, to the $950,000 Bull, SAV Sensation, and the $235,000 SAV Seedstock.
  • This cow’s maternal sister, SAV Blackcap May 0024, was the #1 indexing cow in the entire SAV herd of calves in 2010. She has already received Pathfinder status, and has sold for $100,000 to Ingram Angus.
  • The dam of this cow, SAV Blackcap May 8962, has had bull calves that have sold for $18,000, and $30,000 in past SAV production sales. Her natural heifer calf sold for $100,000.
  • The dam’s full sister is the famous SAV Blackcap May 4136, who has been one of the most influential cows ever to exist in the Angus breed. She has shattered all records as the #1 income-producing cow in SAV history, generating over 8 million in progeny. 127 Direct sons and daughters of 4136 have averaged $30,000. She has been known as the Sire Producer, she has produced AI stars like the $750,000 SAV President, $650,000 SAV Sensation, the $110,000 SAV Resource, the $725,000 SAV Pedigree, and many more major AI bulls, including: SAV Recharge, SAV Renown, SAV Seedstock, SAV Rainfall, SAV Raindance, and SAV Governor.
  • This cow’s sire is the $90,000 SAV Registry 2831, he is also the sire of major AI bulls, SAV Sensation, and SAV Seedstock. His mother is the famous SAV Madame Pride 0075. He is a low birth weight, Rito 7075 son, that presents authentic Angus character in his offspring.

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