RB Lady Equator 302

RB Lady Equator 302 Angus Cow
Dam GD Lady Hi Flyer 302 Angus cow
Dam GD Lady Hi Flyer 302

Sire papa equator 2928 Angus bull
Sire Papa Equator 2928
BA Lady 6807-308 Angus Cow
Maternal Sister BA Lady 6807-305

RB Lady Equator 302

Reg #: 16130659

Birth date: 04/08/2008
Tattoo: 839
Sire Papa Equator 2928
Dam GD Lady Hi Flyer 302

  • Direct daughter of the famous GD Lady Hi Flyer 302, who is the dam of BA Lady 6807-305, who is the mother of the nationally known AI stud bulls, RB Tour of Duty, RB Active Duty, and the $170,000 Lady Standard 305-890.
  • She is maternal sister to the famous BA Lady 6807-305 and BA Lady 6807-308.
  • She has real mass and power, a fantastic mother with outstanding fertility, she has averaged 17 embryos a flush.
  • She is a big-footed, structurally-correct, broody cow. She is tall, wide, and heavy.
  • Her sire, the legendary Papa Equator 2928, was one of the highest growth bulls of his generation.
  • She exemplifies old school Angus genetics. Her EPD’s numbers are not great for this reason, she is a treasured breed female genetically, and she is an outstanding producer.

Of over 300,000 active registered Angus dams in the breed, she ranks in the following EPD’s.

Top 25% Residual Average Daily Gain (RADG), expressed in pounds per day, is a predictor of a sire’s genetic ability for post-weaning gain in future progeny compared to that of other sires, given a constant amount of feed consumed.

Top 10% Scrotal Circumference EPD (SC), expressed in centimeters, is a predictor of the difference in transmitting ability for scrotal size compared to that of other sires.

Top 15% Docility (Doc), is expressed as a difference in yearling cattle temperament, with a higher value indicating more favorable docility. It predicts the average difference of progeny from a sire in comparison with another sire’s calves. In herds where temperament problems are not an issue, this expected difference would not be realized.

Top 2% Carcass Weight EPD (CW), expressed in pounds is a predictor of the differences in hot carcass weight of a sire’s progeny compared to progeny of other sires.

Top 10% Negative Fat Thickness EPD (Fat), expressed in inches, is a predictor of the differences in external fat thickness at the 12th rib (as measured between the 12th and 13th ribs) of a sire’s progeny compared to progeny of other sires.

Top 10% Beef Value ($B), an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for post-weaning and carcass value compared to progeny of other sires.


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