Blackcap Scheckel C26

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Blackcap Scheckel C26 Angus Cow
Sire GAR EGL Protege Angus Bull
Sire GAR-EGL Protégé

Angus Bull Baldridge Waylon W34
3/4 Brother in Blood Baldridge Waylon W34

Blackcap Scheckel C26

Reg #: 18187418

Birth date: 04/07/2015
Tattoo: C26
Sire GAR-EGL Protégé
Dam Baldridge Blackcap P326

  • She is 3/4 sister in blood to AI sire, Baldridge Waylon W34.
  • Her dam, Baldridge Blackcap P326, is also the maternal grand dam of Baldridge Waylon W34.
  • Her sire, Gar-Egl Protégé, was the #1 Sire Alliance winner with a $92.35 Total Profit Index, and also ranks in the top 1% for progeny proven efficiency with a +21.80 Efficiency Index based on +.16 ADG and -.07 Intake EPDs
  • Her 3/4 brother in blood, Baldridge Waylon W34, gained national attention when a share of him sold at Denver, putting his total valuation over 1 million dollars. He has been a widely-used, top-dollar beef, AI bull. He has produced some magnificent offspring many of which have topped sales nationally.
  • Blackcap Scheckel C26 is a model power cow. She has everything we are looking for, excellent feet and legs, excellent udder; she is as thick, long, and deep as you can make one, and she has an excellent disposition.

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